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In most cases, you only seem to realise how many possessions you have accumulated in your personal or professional life when it’s time to move. Depending on the size of your new space, or your need to have all of your assets in this new location, you may be in need of a storage unit in Townsville.

Not only do we offer a range of professional moving services, we also provide affordable and secure furniture storage in Townsville. We offer short- and long-term storage units catering to both household and commercial consignments.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to request a quote or continue reading to find out how we can cater to all of your storage unit rental requirements.

There are many reasons using a storage unit in Townsville, including:

  • Moving from a larger house to smaller home
  • Moving overseas
  • Dealing with the break-up of a relationship
  • Living in temporary accommodation while a new house is being built
  • Temporary term staff transfers
  • Deceased estate settlement


This is more than enough space to store your possessions. In addition, these facilities adhere to strict security, quality, and hygiene standards as demanded by government departments.

In addition, our storage in Townsville is subject to stringent compliance audits on security, fire protection, fumigation, and quality management system monitoring.

Your storage needs, whether you require short or long-term facilities, will affect the type of configuration you choose. We offer the below options:

  • Open Stack or Freestanding

    – This is effective for long and short-term storage in Townsville. Each furniture item will be wrapped, protected with specially designed covers, and sectioned off. Your goods will be delivered to the facility, where they will be unloaded and professionally stacked into a dedicated area.

  • Modules

    – This is effective for long-term facilities. These wooden boxes are designed to hold household goods undercover within our facility and ensure a dust-free environment and complete isolation from other items. Usually, your goods will be delivered to the storage area, where they will be unloaded and professionally stacked into their own wooden box. In some instances, your goods may be packed into these boxes onsite and lifted into position from the truck.

  • Container Storage

    – This is also effective for long-term facilities. These containers are made of steel and remain dust free and completely sealed for the duration of the storage period. In most instances, your goods will be packed into the container on site and delivered by truck to our container storage area in Townsville. This ensures only single handling of your goods

Benefits Of Using A Storage Unit in townsville

Secure Facilities

Whether you want to keep your possessions safe whilst in-between house moves, or need additional storage space for your business, our Townsville storage units offer a safe and secure solution.

Our storage units are protected by multiple locks, CCTV and in-person monitoring, ensuring your possessions are far safer than if stored in a garage or unprotected lock-up. Our storage facilities are also compliant with the latest fire safety guidance and undergo regular fumigation auditing, limiting the risk of damage to your possessions.

Renting a storage space from Dawson Moving & Storage NQ can provide peace of mind that your belongings are being kept safe until you need them. Read more about why you need to consider self storage units when moving.

Various Size Units Available

We have various size storage units available for hire, depending on your requirements. If you require large items of furniture storing, consider our freestanding storage area where items are wrapped and protected by our specialist staff. To keep household goods dust-free and secure, choose one of our wooden modules. For extra security for valuable items, our steel container storage is a great option.

Whatever your requirements and budget, we have the storage solution to suit. Contact our team to discuss your storage needs and receive a free no-obligation quote.

Short & Long Term Storage

At Dawson Moving & Storage NQ, we offer both short and long-term contracts for our storage facilities. We understand that your storage needs are unique, therefore we always aim to ensure our services work for you. Whether you need short-term storage during your house move or are looking for a long-term unit whilst you are out of the country, we are here to help.

Our storage is available for everything from weeks to years and is waterproof, dust-proof and secure so you will return to your possessions exactly as you left them.

Access To Your Possessions

When you store your belongings with Dawson Moving & Storage NQ you have access to them all year round. All units and freestanding items are tracked via our computer system, so we can always find your items with ease when you need them.

With quick access to your unit available, our facilities are ideal for storing Christmas decorations, summer furniture, seasonal clothing, camping gear and more. This frees up space in your home that can be used for other things and keeps seasonal items safe until the time is right to use them.

Cost Effective Way To Expand Your Space

If you are struggling for space within your home, why not consider renting a storage unit? This is an effective way of creating more space for your belongings and is far more cost-effective than upsizing your property altogether.

Business owners will also find that storing overstock, disused equipment and promotional materials within one of our units is far more cost-effective than hiring warehouse space or upsizing their commercial premises.

With flexible contracts available, you don’t run the risk of getting tied into a long-term contract that may not be right for you in the future. Instead, we will tailor our services to your unique personal or business requirements.


Each container is then placed within our warehouse plan and its location tracked on our computer. Special items, such as lounge suites, are stored in purpose-built racks to avoid indentation risk over the long term. As previously mentioned, other valuable items such as paintings, pianos, and antiques are given special attention by our trained staff.

Contact Dawson Moving & Storage NQ Townsville’s premium removals & storage company, for an obligation free quote. You could also give us a call if you have any questions about our storage process. Once you choose our services, you will discover for yourself the quality, care and attention to detail that makes your possessions safer in our hands.

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Storage Units FAQ

We offer storage units both for short and long-term purposes. If you’re looking for reliable removalists in Townsville that can keep sentimental or valuable belongings safe in the long-term, our storage facility is an excellent choice. Whether you need storage for a single week, multiple months or several years, we’re up to the task. Get in touch with our team to find out more about the various short and long-term storage unit solutions we can offer to you. We can even include your storage hire as part of our moving services for the Townsville area.

Our storage facilities are highly secure and well maintained. That means even valuable items can be stored on-site. Whether you have valuable antiques or heirlooms you need to store safety, our interstate removalists in Townsville can bring your items to our storage site and keep them safe for as long as you need.

If you want an accurate price for our storage units in Townsville, take a look at our online storage calculator today. Not sure exactly what you need to store yet? If you’re using our services as an interstate removalists Townsville service, we’ll be able to transport your items and then provide you with an accurate price depending on how much you need to be stored. If you can plan ahead of time how many items you need to store, we can give you a quote as part of our moving service. Whether it’s a single item or a whole houseful of furniture and possessions, we ensure everything gets there safe, secure and in pristine condition. You can trust us with even the most delicate of items for interstate moves or nearby town removals and storage.

With the highest standard of security, safety from COVID and stringent compliance for fire safety, management and fumigation, our storage units in Townsville are the safest option for your belongings. If you need an interstate removalist in Townsville that can also keep your belongings safe, we’re the best team for the job. Your furniture and items will be in top condition when you return. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more about our interstate removalists Townsville storage unit services. We’d be happy to help.