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Dawson Moving & Storage NQ can provide reliable moving services in Townsville specialised to your needs. Ask us today!

Vehicle Transport | Dawson Moving & Storage NQ

Vehicle Transport

We can arrange transport and storage of motor vehicles, trailers, boats, bikes and caravans anywhere in Australia. While your vehicle is being transported you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle will be handled by experienced and fully trained professionals.

Vehicle Transport

Valet Packing | Dawson Moving & Storage NQ

Valet Packing

Dawson Moving & Storage NQ deliver a complete range of professional storage and moving services, including valet unpacking, giving you time to relax and enjoy your new home. We take the utmost care when unpacking each and every one of your treasures. From cleaning and unpacking…

Valet Packing

Moving Insurance Townsville


While Accredited AFRA Removalists take the utmost care with your possessions, accidents do happen and that’s why insurance is always a wise option when moving house. As part of membership qualification, AFRA members must have public liability insurance, third party property and motor….


Pool table removalists Townsville


Piano And Pool Table Removal

Pool table removals can be a challenging job due to the weights involved. High quality pool or billiard tables use slate and this weighs a lot and can be fragile.. This is why you should leave pool table removals to a team that is experienced and equipped to handle this sort of work…..

Piano & Pool Table Removal

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Moving Services

Couple Moving Homes Locally in Townsville

Moving Local

We’ve handled house and office moves for many years so we know how stressful moving house or office can be. From your initial quote, throughout the planning process and right through to the move itself, our professionally trained removalist team will be there to ensure that the whole of your move runs seamlessly with great communication.

Local & Reliable Family Removalists

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Dawson NQ Employee In Front of Interstate Removalist Truck

Moving Interstate

Dawson Moving & Storage NQ specialises in interstate moves and will take any stress out of this big life decision.

Packing can prove to be the most daunting task involved with moving, but it doesn’t have to be. There are several benefits to taking a step back and an expert to take over this task.

Dawson Moving & Storage NQ has years of experience packing belongings systematically and with the care, you expect from a premium service provider.

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World Map Painted On Hands - Moving Overseas

Moving Overseas

Moving to a new country can make you wonder where to start, so we want to make your transition as easy as possible. We will take you through the journey from beginning to end, and are able to address any questions, concerns or requirements throughout the entire process. We also make sure that your move during COVID would be safe for you.

When you move overseas with Dawson Moving & Storage NQ, you can rest assured that your belongings will be protected by high-grade packing materials and handled by trained professionals throughout the moving process.

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Dawson Moving & Storage NQ employee with packaging



Our new packing showroom is jam packed full of various sized cartons, furniture covers, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape and heaps of other packing material and goods to make life easier.

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Moving FAQs

Moving can be an intimidating experience that causes you a great deal of stress. As soon as you hear that you are moving to a new location, you may have a lot of questions that you want to ask a removalist in Townsville.

As soon as you have arranged your moving date, you need to start looking around for the perfect removalist team. We recommend that you give us at least six weeks from the final moving day, and you may also want to leave us even more time for good measure! The more time that you give Dawson Moving and Storage NQ, the more likely we are to be able to help you with your removals. If you have a limited budget to move, please let us know so that we can set up you under our Move Now, Pay Later Program.

This is perhaps the most difficult part of any move. If you have any doubts about whether it is a good idea for you to pack things, then you should talk to our teams about the possibility of us packing your items for you! Or you should consider using a self storage unit when moving to separate your valuable things to your move and keep them safe.

The two easiest ways to reduce costs is to do your own packing and disassembly, and/or take advantage of backloading. If we are completing a trip to a destination and you need to move from there to Townsville, we can often offer a discounted rate for the move, rather than make the return run empty. But if you really have limited budget, you can ask for our Move Now, Pay Later Program if you are qualified.

We are members of AFRA. As such, we have moving insurance that specifically covers clients’ items against damage or loss whilst they are in our care. We’ve also created a moving checklist to help you make sure all your belongings are safe during the move.

There are a number of items we won’t or can’t legally move, including hazardous materials, illegal items or living creatures. If you’re not sure whether we can carry a particular item, get in touch and we’ll be happy to let you know one way or the other.



If you are interested in working together, send us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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    If you are interested in working together, send us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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