Tonwsville’s Best Interstate Removalists

Considering moving interstate? Let Dawson take care of it for you. We are one of Townsville’s best interstate removalists with a presence in four offices across the country. No matter where you want to move, when you move with us you’re in safe hands.

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One of Townsville’s Best Interstate Removalists

When you use us here at Dawson for transporting furniture interstate, you can benefit from:

  • The services of an experienced team who are used to moving belongings across the country. We have the right vehicles and drivers to ensure a safe and rapid move.
  • A complete moving service, that includes packing, stowing, transporting and unloading at your new destination.
  • If you can’t move into your new location immediately, we are able to store your possessions securely, moving them into your fresh home or office when you’re ready.
  • Movement of awkward, large or heavy items a speciality! We have a team of piano and pool removal experts that ensures your valuables are secured during the move. If necessary, we can also partially disassemble larger furniture pieces for easier, safer travel. Once they reach their final destination, we’re able to reassemble them as required. 

One of the biggest issues you’ll often find yourself dealing with when transporting furniture interstate is what to do with your larger items of furniture. From sofas to tables and desks, these items can be almost impossible to fit into your own vehicle. What’s more, a bed may not even fit into a hired removal van!

That’s why the experienced interstate removalists at Dawson Moving & Storage are happy to offer a partial disassembly service. We can take your big pieces of furniture apart without causing any damage, helping you to move them across the country before they are safely reassembled in your new home.

Many people think the best option is to sell their larger pieces of furniture and buy new ones when they get to their new house, but this doesn’t have to be the case. If your new home isn’t yet fully prepared for your move, you can get a self-storage unit to keep your valuable furniture or items safe and extraordinarily safe.

Prompt, professional and competitively priced, if you want an interstate move that’s smooth, stress-free and competently performed, it’s time to get in touch with Dawson Moving & Storage NQ. We  keep your move safe during COVID.

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    Trustworthy & Stress Free Interstate Removalist Services

    Moving interstate is a big deal. You’re going to be starting a new life in another state, so you want to make sure you do it right. That means finding the best interstate removalists Queensland has available and making sure your move goes smoothly.

    We know moving can be stressful, but we also know that everything will go as planned with the right team of experts on your side. Our company specialises in helping people like yourself relocate from Queensland to anywhere else in Australia.

    With our help, there won’t be any stress involved with this transition because we take care of all the hard work while you sit back and relax, knowing that everything is being handled by professionals who care about their customers.

    Our team will work closely with you to understand precisely what needs to happen before, during, and after the move itself. This way, we can ensure that every detail is taken care of so nothing falls through the cracks along the way.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s just one room or an entire house full of furniture – whatever size job it may be – rest assured that Dawson Moving & Storage NQ will provide 100 per cent satisfaction guaranteed results every single time.

    How To Prepare For Your Moving Interstate From Queensland

    There are many elements to moving interstate. Dawson Moving & Storage NQ are your expert interstate removalists that will take care of all of your removal needs, ensuring all of your contents arrive safely and in the same condition as they left in. In the meantime, we suggest that you read this ultimate moving checklist to help you prepare and make your move stress-free. We also suggest that you do this:

    Change your registration: You have to update your registration details if you plan on driving while living interstate. This includes changing the address on your licence and registering any vehicles used in other states. Depending on which state you are moving to, you could be fined if you haven’t changed over your licence and registration within a certain period.

    Cancel and update your utility services: You don’t want to end up paying for someone else’s utilities, so make sure to cancel all of your utility services before leaving Queensland. It is recommended that you set up your electricity, phone, internet and other services for your new home well in advance because there might be delays, and you don’t want to move into a home without utilities.

    Update your address on the electoral roll: This ensures that you will continue to receive information about elections and other voting-related activities in your area. It is also the way the state or territory and Federal governments keep their records up-to-date.

    Research schools: Australia has a national curriculum, but certificates, subjects and school terms vary depending on where you live or what school system you’re in. It’s essential to do your research before the move so that you can be better prepared when it comes time for your child to start at their new school.

    Let us take care of everything involved in an interstate move so that you can focus on getting settled into your new home instead. We also provide an insurance policy for your belongings. This ensures the safety of your belongings no matter what happens on the road. We offer free quotes over the phone or online, which means there are no hidden fees whatsoever – our prices are final once we give you a quote because we believe in being upfront with our customers from the very beginning.


    With You Every Step Of The Way

    At Dawson, we pride ourselves on our caring and personal service. We understand that interstate removal brings a host of unique challenges, which is why we make sure you have a consistent point of contact from start to finish.

    Couple Relaxing On Sofa In New Home

    Flexible Schedules

    We offer as much flexibility as possible when it comes to interstate moves. You can tailor your move to fit with work commitments, the school calendar or simply when the time is right. We offer a sensible and realistic schedule as well as sound advice on how long all the different aspects of moving will take.

    Our consultant will work closely with you to create a moving schedule that really works. We’ll be in contact on the days leading up to your move and available to deal with any queries on the day and afterwards. We’re a small firm, which means we have time to really get to know our customers and offer a truly personal service.

    Valet Service

    Our valet service is a real boon when it comes to moving, especially when you’re moving interstate. We’ll supply all the necessary packing materials, take care of packing up your belongings and unpack everything when we reach your new home.

    As well as taking away a lot of the stress of moving, choosing a valet service makes those first few days in your new home easier. Instead of having to squirrel yourself away unpacking and getting everything straight, you can get to know your new neighbours, explore your new home town, and enjoy your new place from the word go.

    A Interstate Vehicle Transport

    Interstate Vehicle Transport

    As well as getting your belongings safely moved interstate, our team have a host of solutions to get your vehicles moved simply and efficiently. We have specialised transporters that can move things like bikes, boats, trailers, campers and caravans with no fuss. You can relax, knowing that all your vehicles will be at your new home and ready to get back on land, lake or sea as soon as you are.

    Moving Your Pets Interstate

    We know that pets are part of the family and moving your pet safely is an absolute priority. We can offer advice on the best options for moving your pet interstate and help you decide whether to use a dedicated pet transport company or take your pet along with you in your vehicle.

    Storage Facility Full Of Cardboard Boxes

    Expert Storage Solutions

    There are lots of reasons you may need storage as part of your interstate move. Perhaps you’ve moved for work, and your new home isn’t ready yet, or maybe there has been a hold up with your vendor’s plans. Whatever the reason, our top-quality storage facilities will keep your belongings safe. Units are secure, temperature-controlled, pest-free and available for long or short term use according to your needs.

    Fully Insured

    As members of AFRA, Dawson removalists have access to the very best moving insurance. We can advise on the right policy to meet your needs and help you decide what cover will suit you best. Things like our storage units and transport are all fully insured so you can relax and know that if anything untoward should happen, your belongings are fully covered.

    Get In Touch

    At Dawson, we know that moving is a challenging time and that’s why our team are happy to answer any of your questions. We’ll talk you through how to get prepared for your move, give you tips on how to settle in and can help you draw up an AFRA-approved moving checklist. We’re with you every step of the way and work hard to make your interstate move as stress-free as possible. To arrange a free quote, or just find out more, simply get in touch.

    Interstate Moving FAQs

    We offer a tailored price that’s geared to meet your specific moving needs. Whilst some moves can be costed remotely, in other circumstances we will come out and take a look at the volume and type of items that require transportation, before coming back to you with a customised estimate.

    Yes, if required, you can walk out of your old home and we will pack everything for you, then unload it where required at your final destination. There is no need for you to do any packing, lifting or unpacking unless you wish to.

    Our costs are primarily based on the distance your goods will need to be transported, how difficult they will be to load and unload, and how many possessions you have that require moving.

    It can get expensive to move everything in your home. After all, you’ll have decades-worth of belongings that need to be transported hundreds of miles away. Before you start packing, set some time aside to declutter. Consider how long you need to prepare for the move, and prioritize packing all important documents and items. While anything still in good condition can be donated, you can earn a bit of money too by taking part in a garage sale or auctioning off some of your items on a website such as eBay.

    Not only does this help you to remove some unnecessary weight from the truck and leave more room for your essential items, but it can play a big part in getting you settled much quicker in your new home. The extra funds you raise can even help you to decorate after you’ve moved!

    Top tips to reduce costs include: – Only take what you absolutely have to. – Consider a back-haul. – Give plenty of notice. – Do the packing and furniture disassembly yourself. Dawson NQ provide a one-stop solution to all your interstate moving requirements. If you don’t have enough cash for your urgent move, you can talk with one of our agents to be in our Move Now, Pay Later program.

    Any move can be a stressful time, but moving interstate is a big step to take. After all, you could be moving hundreds of miles away to somewhere you have no friends or family, especially if you’re starting a new job. If you’re not ready for the move, then it can be a major source of stress.

    With our removalists taking care of all your belongings, one thing you need to think carefully about is whether you’re going to drive or fly. If you’re flying, book your flights well ahead of time for the best prices. If you’re driving, get your car serviced before you set off to avoid any unexpected breakdowns along the way.