The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Here at Dawson Moving and Storage NQ, we understand that moving homes in Townsville can be a stressful experience. It can be overwhelming to try and consider everything that needs to be done, however, we can help! We’ve assembled the ultimate moving checklist, starting as much as two months before the big move. For a seamless, organised, and stress-free move, read on…

Two months before…

As the two-month mark hits, you’ll need to start ticking off some jobs. Unfortunately, this mainly includes admin, but it has to be done!
  • Start looking for packing boxes you may be able to collect from friends, family and colleagues. Inform your internet and landline providers that your address will be changing.
  • Start the decluttering process and get rid of everything you won’t take on the move.
  • Start researching your new area! Look for potential restaurants, supermarkets, and anything else you may be interested in using.
  • Give notice to your landlord if you are renting.

One month before…

We recommend that one month before is not too early to start packing. You’ll be surprised about how many belongings you have.
  • Get in touch with Dawson to book your removal service.
  • Assess how our moving vans will access your home.
  • Ask for additional vehicle transport for your additional large items or special removal for your pool or piano.
  • Ask for our safety precautions in order to keep your move COVID safe
  • Look at moving your homeowner and contents insurance to your new address.
  • Arrange for any post redirections that are needed.
  • Create an inventory list so you know nothing gets forgotten or lost in the move.
  • Begin cleaning any outside areas such as gardens and sheds.

Two weeks before…

Now is the time to start seriously packing anything that won’t be needed in the next two weeks. For example, anything spare or seasonal can be packed at this point.
  • Consider what food you need to buy for these next couple of weeks. Try to use up everything in your freezer, fridge and cupboards, and you’ll want to try and minimise the amount of food you transport or waste.
  • If your move involves a long drive, make sure your car has been recently serviced.
  • If you have other items that may need to be separated on your move, consider getting storage unit to temporarily store your belongings until your new home is ready.
  • Register for a GP and make sure any necessary school records have been sent to new schools.
  • Change your driving licence address.
  • Request time off work if needed.

One week before…

As your moving date gets extremely close, there are a few final things to bear in mind:
  • Confirm the exact date and time with the removalists so there are no delays.
  • Finish packing up remaining items. We recommend packing a bag of essentials that you will need for the first night in your new home.
  • Move your valuable items to your self storage unit.
  • Disassemble any furniture possible so it is easier to load into our vans.
  • Repair any marks or holes in your current property, especially if you were renting.

Three days before…

Only a few days to go! Here are some of your last few tasks:
  • Do any washing.
  • Make a list of any contacts you will need in the first few days after your move.
  • Contact utility companies and confirm the new address.
  • Pack moving documents in a separate bag so you know exactly where they are.
  • Throw any leftover food and empty your freezer and fridge.

Moving day!

Your moving day has finally arrived, and if you’ve followed this checklist, you should be feeling fairly organised. Here are the final things to bear in mind on the day of your move:
  • Check everything has been packed into our vans before they leave – do a final sweep of the home you are leaving behind to be sure.
  • Make sure your home has been cleaned.
  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Return your keys.
  • Check everything has been removed from our vans at your new home.

Here at Dawson, we aim to make your move as easy as possible. For more information about our expert moving services, make sure to call us.