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Moving Overseas With Dawson Moving & Storage NQ

There are so many things to think about when moving overseas, including visas and medical records. You also need to organise your finances, including your taxes, and maybe start new accounts with banks that have more presence in your country of destination. On top of this, there is the sizeable logistical task of organising and moving your personal belongings for international relocation. Hiring expert international removalists can ease some of this burden and ensure your international relocation goes smoothly.

Professional International Removalists

One sure way to minimise the stress of an international move is to hire a professional international removalists. Dawson Moving and Storage NQ is a well-established AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) accredited service that has worked with thousands of clients for successful and stress-free domestic and international relocations.


Anyone who has ever moved overseas will tell you the first thing you need to do is work out a timeline. Moving overseas is not an overnight process. Some things will take six weeks, others will take six months. It’s best to start talking to us early in the process so the expert international removalists at Dawson Moving & Storage NQ can advise you of the best schedule for receiving and sending your goods to your country of relocation. We will also provide you useful tips and a moving checklist to assist you in getting ready for your overseas relocation as soon as possible. Some belongings you will need with you early in the move, but others you may be able to wait longer for. Talk this through with us and we can help you decide what can go with you and what we can send.

Expert Packing

Rest assured that the packing of any personal belongings is done to the highest standards of safety and protection when you hire our international removalists. We make your international move during COVID safe and stress-free experience. This is particularly so for an international move with the increased time and distances that your goods will be in transit. We are the experts when it comes to packing: from the use of high-grade and customised packing materials to the handling of your goods by our fully trained professional international removalists. We offer complete moving services so that you will not worry packing belongings that we send as well as those you take with you.


As seasoned professionals, Dawson Moving and Storage NQ will ease the paperwork load of moving overseas by thoroughly taking care of all export and import paperwork for your removal items.

Vehicle Transport

We can advise you on the best way to transport your vehicle overseas, whether a car, boat or motorbike.

Pet Transport

We can also advise on the best way to transport your pet(s) overseas so that they will be safely reunited with you in your new location.


Moving overseas represents an exciting and challenging new chapter in your life and one in which Dawson Moving and Storage NQ is proud to play an important part as your removalist.

Through our extensive experience and professional approach, we are committed to getting your new chapter off to a smooth and stress-free start. And we know that every move has different needs and requirements, which is why we’re ready to consult with you today.

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