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The most pain-staking task when moving to a new house is the time and effort that it requires to pack up your household items and have them organised for your move. From ensuring that you’ve packed fragile items with materials to minimise damage, to making sure that the boxes you’ve packed aren’t too heavy, there are numerous factors to consider along the way. Our experienced team will let you relax while someone else will do all the hard work for you

Why let the experts do it?

Stress-free moving

Our valets are experts at getting you into your new home as quickly and efficiently as possible. We offer a range of services to help us achieve that, including unpacking and furniture placement.

We also work with you before moving day to develop a layout plan for your new home. You can upload your plan or we can send you a template to complete. Then we can easily place your furniture ready for immediate use.

This helps take the stress out of moving day and you don’t even have to be there when the truck arrives! We do everything for you, ready for you and your family to move in immediately. That is why our valet service is popular with ex-pats moving from abroad.

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Get settled in sooner

Moving home is a stressful process that takes weeks of planning, but it’s not until moving day itself that the work really starts. Your new home needs cleaning, furniture placing and your personal belongings unpacked. Only then can you settle into your new home.

This process can take weeks if you do it yourself, especially if you have a large family. During that time, you will have to live out of boxes, which only increases stress. Our valet service can help you move in much sooner.

We can get your home to a liveable state within the first day. The secret to achieving this is proper planning and preparation. Our professional valet team are experts at doing this, so don’t struggle for weeks living out of boxes. Let us do the hard work for you.

Minimal disruption

Our valet services were originally designed to help ex-pats move back home from overseas, but it soon became clear that everyone could benefit from professional valet services, even if they were just moving around the block.

Our valet service takes the stress out of moving by minimising disruption to your daily life. What was once an arduous task that took weeks of planning now only takes a couple of days. One day for packing and one for moving.

And because we offer both packing and unpacking valet services, you don’t even need to be there for moving day itself. You can go on vacation or stay with a friend. Moving home has never been so easy.

Our valet service includes:

  • Working with you to create a plan for furniture placement in your new home
  • Placing furniture in your new home ready for immediate use
  • Unpacking your glassware and fragile items safely
  • Putting your clothing and personal items neatly away in wardrobes and drawers
  • Removing all packing materials for recycling


Yes, all our valets have public liability and goods in transit insurance. So in the unlikely event that any of your personal belongings get damaged during the move, you are fully protected. But we do reserve the right to charge an extra insurance surcharge for valuable items such as antiques or paintings.