Move Now, Pay Later

Flexible payments

Moving is expensive – there’s all the legal fees, insurances, storage, new furniture plus a whole heap of extras you hadn’t thought of. Dawson Moving & Storage NQ understand this – when you’ve moved over a million people you get to know every aspect and challenge people encounter. We know moving is more than just moving boxes – there’s a whole load of other stress, and finances can be the biggest of them all.

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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Here at Dawson Moving and Storage NQ, we understand that moving homes in Townsville can be a stressful experience. It can be overwhelming to try and consider everything that needs to be done, however, we can help! We’ve assembled the ultimate moving checklist, starting as much as two months before the big move. For a seamless, organised, and stress-free move, read on… Continue reading “The Ultimate Moving Checklist”