Move Now, Pay Later

Flexible payments

Moving is expensive – there’s all the legal fees, insurances, storage, new furniture plus a whole heap of extras you hadn’t thought of. Dawson Moving & Storage NQ understand this – when you’ve moved over a million people you get to know every aspect and challenge people encounter. We know moving is more than just moving boxes – there’s a whole load of other stress, and finances can be the biggest of them all.

Tailored to you

Our flexible payment options are part of our commitment to offer a truly bespoke removal service in Townsville or moving to interstate, from advice with packing to our helpful moving team, we’re focused on making every step as pain-free as possible – and that includes the payment process.

Interest free repayment

Our partnership with QuickFee means you can spread the cost of moving over four instalments, so you take the pressure off on the day and know you have a bit of breathing space – handy if there are any unexpected expenses.

No extra credit checks

Using QuickFee really is hassle-free – you use your existing credit card to make the payments, so there’s no need for any extra credit checks – it’s that simple.

Who are QuickFee?

QuickFee acts as a bridge between businesses and their customers – their simple process means it’s easy for us to offer payment over several instalments, and that there’s minimal hassle or fuss (we know that’s the last thing you need when you’re packing up to move). We can deliver the very best moving service, and you can relax knowing at least one part of the pressure is off.

Move now, pay later

Setting up your payments with QuickFee is simple – just follow the link below, and complete the relevant details. QuickFee will generate your payment schedule, so you’ll know exactly what is coming out when, and the best bit is it’s interest-free. If you need a storage unit to store your items temporarily or need additional transport vehicle, please tell our customer service and they will include it at your bill and easily pay it through QuickFee.

How it works

• Dawson Moving & Storage NQ are partnered with QuickFee and Splitit to provide interest-free payment. We provide the service, and QuickFee provides the payment method.
• Your credit card holds the entire amount in reserve – it is only charged for the first monthly payment – 25% of the total owed amount.
• Installments are charged to your card on a monthly basis, and you’ll see the hold line go down accordingly.
• Your credit card bill will show each installment as it arises – there will be no debt shown for the remaining monthly installments – interest is only paid on any outstanding charged amounts.

Get in touch

To find out more about how to Move Now, Pay Later or if you have any concerns about how it all works, just get in touch with our friendly removalist team. We also made a moving checklist that you check to help your moving easier and stress free. You can email us at email us or call us on the following numbers:

Townsville: (07) 4774 3780
Cairns: (07) 4015 3440
Mackay: (07) 4911 4030
Sydney: (02) 9604 1244

Get a quote

If you’d like a quick quote for your move, just complete our quote form and we’ll set everything in motion to get you moving.